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To Be or Not To Bali

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

If you are looking for a holiday to explore exhilarating views, delicious food (including vegetarian) options and or a party-until-sunrise nightlife, Bali is a must-visit place, and I haven’t even included their beaches! While the best time to visit is June – August, don’t be surprised to find peeps like me amongst many others visiting much later in the year to soak in a quieter yet ever-bustling state of paradoxical peace and trance alike, in Bali!

In Bali, a beach bum (or water baby) you can be!

Talking about beaches, despite attracting thousands of tourists each year, Bali keeps its beaches clean like Marie Kondo did with her and others’ closets (but only recently, has she decided to live like us all and focus more on her children, respect either ways!)

Although Bali has several beaches, one more beautiful than the other, Kuta and Seminiyak are the most populous with beach shacks, beers and global beach bums! If you are not a long-chair kind of traveler, then sit behind at beautiful local restos and enjoy elaborate local and global meals! I personally really enjoyed the quiet at Blue Point & Geger Beaches which one can’t enjoy too much at most Indian beaches – that and its urgent need to be chaste if possible, again! ☺

Highlight: The quieter beaches are good to read, lie or sit in silence, hear the sound of waves crashing into rocks relentlessly and continually, mediate or simply drink coconut water and reflect

More details on these and other beaches, in my upcoming posts, so do subscribe and check it out!

A pendulum, between heaven & earth’s sun

If you have heard of Bali, you must have heard of a minimal pendulum-form of transportation that takes you closest to the sun, as possible! Well, visiting the Tegallalang Rice Terraces outside of Ubud is just that extra dose of Vitamin D you will need, to be blown away by the lust-yet-leveled greens! In these beautifully designed plateaus, you can see rice crops and even an occasional Coconut Tree at their periphery to save it from the over-fall from the rain gods!

In season time, there will always be a crowd and a couple of veterans harnessing you on a swing while offering to take professional pictures and videos to capture your entire experience at an extra cost, which is totally worth it I might add! This around 5-minute ride enchants you with verdant green fields, forests and breathtaking views and reminds you to enjoy the moment while tickling your stomach every oscillation!

I will cover more of Ubud in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Highlight: I remember after the fear of the 1st pendulum swing, all I could think is how grateful I am to be alive, feeling the breeze on my face, so close to nature and enjoying every moment to the fullest

Healthy food even on vacas? Yes! Scrumptious but wholesome everyday ☺

Considering our lovely European friends and their many-a-times vested interests in Asia, (thank you guys!), Bali has been a haven of abundance for healthy eaters, like myself! A quaint such spot is Green Spot Café! Located off Kuta Utara Beach, it serves delicious meal bowls, substantial enough to generate energy in you to dance the night away after or even take a quiet moonlit beach walk!

Want to enjoy a hookah, play beer pong or even brunch away from a hangover? This café is the place to spend your pre-party or beach time! This Falafel bowl with chickpeas and veggies was delectable and their signature self-printed Coconut Water added an exceptional touch to its vibe & crowd!

More on Bali Cafes in upcoming posts, so watch this space!

Highlight: Good food is actual food for your nervous and immune system, and the Green Spot Café has such varied foods, all energizing you from within and bringing a happy healthy smile on your face

Owls & we routine alike, in morn we dine & at night we come alive!

There’s so much to say about Bali’s nightlife but I will discuss only 1 place in this post, (rest in later ones I promise!) – Old Man’s in Canggu! This hedonistic place isn’t just alive at night but right through the day. This iconic tropical island of its own, is on Batu Bolong beach and brings together everyone from sun-tanners, indulgers, party-hoppers to alcohol connoisseurs! Their fast finger foods are tasty and filling, while their cocktails are flavorful and some even luxurious! Many spend half or even a full day here lounging, swimming, surfing and enjoying clear and multi-colored beach views!

At night, Old Man’s comes alive by playing a range of dynamic dance, techno and pop music … music so popular that all age-groups know and enjoy their numbers by either jumping without skipping ropes or swaying like in a trance! One glance inside Finns and you know it’s worth the spend on a few cocktails or who knows, maybe even several shots!

Highlight: Meeting diverse people at Old Man’s, learning about their diverse experiences and clinking glasses together, incepted the idea that we might be all so different, yet so similar in matters of music, places to travel and mostly, at hearts!

I will share more Bali experiences in future posts, so let’s explore and experience Bali even more together!

Yours truly,

WanderlustWithYogini ☺


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