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Van’s supernal paintings yet Gogh’s deleterious life

When I heard about the Van Gogh 360 Experience being set up in Mumbai from 20th January to March 3rd 2023, I was more than receptive to immersing myself into it!

As many of us know Van Gogh is one of the most influential artists of the Western Culture. But many aren’t aware that he lived an impoverished life, struggling for years surviving on his brother’s much needed financial help, and what’s even worse, he floundered with severe mental health issues which created the paradoxical state of mind of the luminous yet troubled artist.

Van Gogh’s 360 Experience, depicting 300 of his artworks, has 2 distinct areas to relish his work – the 1st area is some of his most aesthetic electronic installations of his most famous works, with detailed descriptions of his personal, mental and financial state of mind while painting them. Some admirable works of his art showcased are My Dear Theo, The Body of Work & Painting People.

What’s fascinating is how he was misconstrued for painting several self-portraits as being deemed narcissistic, while the absolute verity is that his impecunious state mandated him to only self-paint as he could not afford to pay for models.

The 2nd area is literally like stepping into a painting and watching it come alive with effects, reformations and colors! These dynamic painting impressions are exciting, fun and fantasy-like, rendered on 4-walled moving art, keeping you engaged from the moment you enter, and leaves you longing to stay back for the next show too!

With kaleidoscopic colors moving to fill the walls in infinite directions along with the soft yet powerful ballads playing in the background, you will keep your eyes glued to some of his most enthralling works without batting an eyelid! Watch out for the boomerang smoke videos and flowers self-creating on each wall in mesmerizing patterns and you won’t miss the illusion of the man walking through fields subtly while doves float around him!

And finally, don’t miss Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting which he created from his asylum room just before sunrise, while imagining and canvassing a village, painted from memory. Defying cosmic nature, his painting illustrates stars orbiting the moon in a vibrant yet reverie manner!

With failing will to leave, when you finally step outside the masterpiece phenomenon, you can buy precious yet affordable Van Gogh souvenirs to keep the memory vividly in your mind forever …

I highly recommend this experience if you haven’t already been there, so go and buy your tickets now!



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