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About Me


Hello All! 

I am Aarti Kukreja, a true wanderlust-er and also known as a Yogini by those close to me, hence the name of my Blog – Wanderlust with Yogini 


Post my Masters in the UK, I was privileged to work in a company that organized education fairs globally and travelled to 100+ global cities during my time there. This infested me with the travel bug in me and I have now traveled 50+ countries and am excited to travel more! 


Being an International Admissions Consultant by profession (, I developed a flair for writing and wanted to write about my travel journeys and share my experiences with like-minded others. 


I am humbled to travel in style and grandeur in the 1st half of my life but very quickly realized that a travel experience is incomplete without fully immersing into a place’s nature, culture, cuisines and local people’s souls. Hence, I travel mid-range level budgets, hopping from Bed & Breakfasts, to cozy homestays and join some niche travel companies to experience a place like it was a long-lost home of own in some other life! 


My aim is to build a genuine travel community that believes in conscious travelling and utilizing travel as tools to go within to gain peace, clarity and produce inner joy just by physically being in another place.


So, whether its scenic views or the smile on a local’s face, I want you to experience this inner joy I felt during my travels and maybe even be inspired to travel there and discover yourself, a little more! 


So, let’s ride this journey together, slowly yet meaningfully, calmly yet joyfully! 


Thank you 



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