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Welcome to Wanderlust with Yogini for meaningful travels ...

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Hi! This is your Wanderlust traveler Yogini aka Aarti Kukreja!

I have had the privilege and honor to travel to 50+ countries throughout my life and I am humbled to share some of my recent travels and adventures with you! Living in 10 global cities and explored 150+ global cities, was initially for work. Thereon my interest in travel to explore and reflect what is outside within, became a passion!

I usually curate my travels to be close to nature, enjoy scenic views, explore hidden gems, hike, trek, and immerse myself into the culture by interacting with locals and gorging on local food and drinks.

I want to encourage you to join our community where we can discuss meaningful travels, explore different places, unraveling nuanced and unseen or hardly discovered beauties of the world! My goal with our community is to connect with you through our curious nature of exploring the world, which is so far and wide, yet brings us all closer together!

So let’s engage in meaningful travel discussions, explorations and feedback, to inform travel seekers and others who want to experience through our eyes!

As a self-proclaimed yogini, travel for me is meditative, a time to reflect, connect with myself, nature and eventually with others by immersing in their culture, cuisines and scenic canvases. As many say, “We are all connected!”, I have truly felt that with all travels and want to share that message with you - my travel community!

Lastly, I am keen on nurturing Mother Earth by leaving each place we visit the same or better than when we 1st got there. Whether it is by feeding strays, or investing a little in a small local business, being mindful of local traditions or even maybe just not to litter, so that it can be a better place for natives, future travelers and our future generations, so with that aim in mind …

Let’s explore my Wanderlust-ers ☺


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Excited to see whats coming up next :))

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